Our Solutions

Physical Security Systems and Equipment

Surveillance and access control are the keystones of the physical security in any facility. More than 15 years of experience in security ensure our ability to design and implement these systems in any feasible setting. Parallax, Ltd. specializes in CCTV and access control, security alarm systems, automated security analytics, security X-ray scanners, metal detectors, and other security equipment and systems.

Our dedicated service unit provides both warranty and out-of-warranty service and repairs.

Fire Safety

Fire alarm and fire prevention systems are essential for every modern building. State and regional regulations prescribe the mandatory fire prevention measures, while our years-long experience of designing and building such systems allows Parallax, Ltd. to provide for the needs of a specific business, facility, or manufacturing process, including unique and technologically challenging ones.

By working with all major vendors of fire safety equipment, we ensure the best value and the most flexibility for our customers.

Information Security

While Parallax, Ltd. specializes in counter surveillance measures, including vibro-acoustic silencing, electromagnetic data leak prevention, and spying devices (wiretaps) detection, we also implement data leak detection and prevention solutions, cryptosecurity, and protection of sensitive information for enterprise networks. We have an excellent track record in creating secure environments for confidential meetings and handling of sensitive data (e.g. top executive offices, VIP meeting rooms and conference halls, secure networks and workstations, secure communication lines and so on).

These services are subject to state and international regulation, so our ability to provide them may be limited depending on the customer’s country of residence. Please contact us to request a consultation.

Power Supply

Having reliable power supply is vital for any establishment. With our belief in complete integrated solutions, it’s only natural that Parallax, Ltd. has a strong dedicated unit designing, implementing, and maintaining power supply systems. Staffed with experienced engineers, this department can assure the compliance with both the state regulations, industry’s best practices, and our customers’ specific requirements.

Our partnership with multiple vendors, both international (such as Eaton, General Electric, SDMO, Gesan etc.) and Russian (Svyaz-Engineering, Enelt and others), allows us to provide optimal solutions for the customers. We have our own mobile electrical lab certified to perform measurements and testing of low-voltage electrical equipment (up to 1 kV).


Since 2000 we build enterprise telecommunication networks, including wired IP networks and telephone circuits (both electrical and fiber-optic), wireless networks (Wi-Fi, WiMAX), trunked radio systems (TETRA and others), PMR, Satcom/VSAT, public address systems, video conferencing, clock networks, dedicated panic alarm lines etc.

We collaborate with the Russian VSAT provider AltegroSky to provide two-way satellite networking coverage via Russian-owned satellite constellation. Parallax, Ltd. designs and builds ground transmitter stations and vehicle-mounted transmitters.

Systems Audit and Assessment

More than 150 qualified engineers with wide range of specializations routinely perform auditing of existing systems, modernization plans, and blueprints. With the expert knowledge of changing regulations and business requirements, we help enterprises develop both long-term vision, and detailed implementation plans to ensure that their systems are compliant with the relevant standards, and ready to meet the growing demands of the business operations.

Regulations and standards may differ from state to state. Please contact us to request a consultation if you’re interested in technical auditing services.

Presentation Equipment

Presentations systems produce a unique set of challenges to set up and integrate a multitude of devices (video projectors, sound reinforcement systems, etc.) into a cohesive whole. Even relatively minor design flaws can ruin a presentation, teleconference or performance.

We have a long history of successes in this field, utilizing both technical and architectural means to design and deliver the best possible experience for our customers. Moreover, for a growing list of businesses our expertise in communication and information security makes Parallax, Ltd. a contractor of choice for designing and outfitting VIP meeting rooms and conference halls, and systems for confidential videoconferencing (some of these technologies are subject to state regulations; please contact us for details).

IT Infrastructure

Building Automation